Jan 6, 2010

Nov 26, 2009

Final Review 11.11.2009

From R to L: Hu Xiao (RA), Cheah Kok Ming (Reviewer), Patrick Janssen (Reviewer), Richard Hassel (WOHA, Guest Critic), Eon Damien, Celestine Goh, Christian Brunsvig, Seet Min Ling, Xu Naiyan, Bae Sanghyun, Yu Hansik, Low Yong Woon Isaiah, Ong Eu Ho Fabian, Shinya Okuda (Tutor)

Nov 13, 2009

3rd floor 4th floor

Nov 12, 2009

Responsive to Nature

Masterplan - Preserved the Nature (Tree)
Scan the leaf : Control the Chaos - Interact with nature

Directional Translucency

Oct 29, 2009

Developable Surface_Flow Factory

Potential RIBS Structure

*frost* *tetrahedron modules*

The Tetrahdron
The tetrahedron module can be replicated multidirectionally to form a continuous structure.
Effectively, this structure functions like a space frame - lightweight and porous - only better, because it can extend vertically.
Can this idea be translated to a building where walls, floors and ramps are composed by this same modular unit?
I imagine a spiral ramp made up of a series of flat floors. Circulation space and functional space become one.

Undevelopable Surface _ PARABOLOID SURFACE _part1

THE most strength by using Rapid Proto Typing is that making undevelopable surface, and use it as a mold so that makes mass production which is faster, financially reasonable and flexible to further requirement by change of environment. PARABOLOID surface is normaly used for a roof system for large span as a kind of shell structure. However, by rotating up the surface, it can provide a lot of chance of openings, variety of volume with structural strength.
More balenced natural daylight which is diffused and less glaring. And wide natural ventilation.
As a combination of module, More types and options could be possible by distortion of curvature. Then, every edges and corners are became different with asymmetry curvature.

Vacuumed Veil II - Fabricating Material Properties

Vacuum Veil - Fabricating Material Effects
logistic hub for large scale high density future factory To maximise utilization, logistic hub; integrated storage and veritcal connectivity, is raised from the fabrication floor CNC machine used to create double curved surfaces

Intersection - Collision

Colliding spaces to create spatial ambiguity.
To give meaning to structure.
To congregate and disperse.
Interdependent volumes.
Coherent whole.
Flattened individual pieces by software rhinoceros.
To be laser engraved.

Exploration on Directional Translucency

LCP = Laser Cut Panel
Laser cut lines on panels to half the depth of the material and the semi cut lines will act as a mirror and reflect light
Curve lines tend to have reflect a higher concentration of light at the centre thus good for area where concentrated light is needed.
Straight lines reflect light evenly thoughout the space.
Engraved wall is good in reflectance thus can act as a "light wall" which light will be transmitted through the glow and keeping privacy in the spaces.

Sep 8, 2009

Blooming Immaterial

"What is fascinating is the inability to separate the real from the digital, because they already from part of the same nature."
  • Scan a type of Leaf.
  • Focus on Leaf's Vein, Surface. (As Structure, Facade)
  • Also think on Leaf's Growth.
3d printed by Objet Eden 350, Modelled in Rhino

Sep 7, 2009


Tetrahedron blocks are replicated to form a continuous porous structure. The blocks are thicker at the base and gradually thin out, to give the impression of changing density.
Fabrication - 3d printer
Modelling - Rhino

Sep 6, 2009

Directional Translucency

It's a play of porosity &density of the material to control amount, type & angle of light & view into the spaces without losing the aesthetics. Thermal heat gain could be reduced by restricting direct sunlight from entering the building itself.

Sep 4, 2009

Vacuumed Veil - Fractal Geometry

An exploration of Vacuum Forming Technique to produce a continuous transparent fabric-like skin. Fractal geometry's self similarity is used for mass modular production using a single mould. Continuous Vacuum Veil

Aug 31, 2009


Image1 : Model by CNC Router - Vertical connection with varying diameter
Image 2 : Diagonal intersections - combined space at intersection.

Studies on Developable Surfaces

Developable Surface

The model explores the potential of developbale surface as a tool for creating flowing spaces, across levels. The floor becomes the wall/vertical support and at the same time catering for vertical circulation via the connecting slope.

Openings in the module serve as openings for vertical circulation while allowing for the penetration of natural lighting.